Email tracking & reports: take control of your marketing

Tracking & Reports

There’s no need to throw away your marketing budget on things that don’t work.

SharperAgent’s email marketing tools help you ensure performance by tracking and monitoring your activity. You get to see what’s working and what isn’t in one quick glance.

Open Rates

Want to know which subject lines and messages are hitting the mark? What pieces get passed over?

View your open rates when you send an email to learn what’s working best with your contacts.


We’ll notify you when someone unsubscribes from your emails and help you stay CAN-SPAM compliant.

It’s the best way to protect your online reputation when you start email marketing.

Individual Reports

Want to see who received the message and follow up with them in person?

Each email report is saved with an individual contact so you can see if and when your prospects opened your emails.

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