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Email marketing is about staying in front of consumers and connecting with them in a meaningful way. If the marketing that you send out looks inferior, it reflects poorly on you. Don’t waste your time sending pieces that are unappealing – your email marketing needs to stand out above the crowd.

SharperAgent’s extensive library includes over 3,000 email-ready, visually striking templates that range from simple eStationery to 12-touch targeted prospecting campaigns written for today’s real estate market.

And our sharp-looking Property Marketing Designs are second to none. Connect with interested buyers online by emailing a simple postcard, or a beautiful property flyer, to contacts in just a few minutes.

For an extended preview all the different types of real estate marketing materials we have to offer, check out the Marketing Gallery.

It’s email marketing that will let you:

  • Build your personal brand and reputation with consumers
  • Send targeted communications for the best effect
  • Target online consumers easily

Targeted, Relevant Messages for the greatest impact

What’s the difference between effective email marketing and spam? Relevance.

Consumers have a junk folder and they’re not afraid to use it. With SharperAgent, we can help you build a permissioned-based email list and we’ll secure your reputation by giving you access to targeted materials and email campaigns.

Whether you’re trying to stay in touch with your past clients or need to reach out to new referrals and prospects, you can make a connection with our email marketing materials.


As a real estate professional, the best offer you can give to consumers is a meaningful business relationship, so when you spend time marketing – you’re really trying to sell yourself.

Your email marketing should therefore reflect your brand and your style. So, in addition to automatically adding your name and logo on every marketing piece in our system, we allow you to customize your emails with our Advanced Editor. Add your pictures and your text to create something unique with our pre-built pieces or unleash your creativity by building or uploading your own designs.

It’s flexibility that lets you take full control of your marketing.

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