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Contact Management Overview

There are lots of Contact Managers out there. But you don’t need another place to store names and numbers. You need a client relationship manager – a place where you can save and manage all of the vital, real estate specific information about all of your contacts and organize that information so it’s actually useful to you.

With SharperAgent you can manage your relationships by:

  1. Easily uploading and grouping your full database
  2. Tracking and keeping important data about your clients including demographic information
  3. Send professionally designed marketing materials right from your database

Your account will also include:

  • A task manager
  • Lead capture tools to import new contacts automatically
  • Targeted mailing lists for purchase

We’ll even help you upload your list. Sign up for a new account today and give us a call at 1.877.450.0088 for assistance.

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Putting your contact list into an online database and organizing those contacts into groups is often the biggest barrier to starting a profitable marketing plan.

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