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Brian Wildermuth

Brian Wildermuth, host of BigMouth Marketing

Prior to co-founding SharperAgent, Brian Wildermuth served 18 years in the title and real estate industry. He served as Residential Sales Vice President for Land Title Guarantee Company in Colorado and held executive sales positions with Chicago Title and TMC Escrow, both in California.

As a speaker, Brian has presented his innovative marketing ideas to national real estate conventions and sales rallies. Brian lends his expertise and insight into marketing strategies to better drive communication to clients and prospects.

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Darryl Davis

Interview with Darryl Davis

Darryl Davis only started a career in real estate to support a career in acting and is now a renowned real-estate speaker and best-selling author. Listen in as Brian and Darryl discuss some of the strategies Darryl has used to turn a supplemental gig into a successful career and lifelong mission. Darryl explains the power of using stories, metaphors and analogies to connect with clients. Darryl also shares some points from his seminar on the importance of attitude when interacting with buyers and sellers.

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Interviews with Industry Experts, Strategies for Your Business.

In each edition of BigMouth Marketing, SharperAgent's President and Co-Founder, Brian Wildermuth, will talk about simple ways you can take action with your communications and build the sales you've been looking for.

The BigMouth Interview Archive:

Glenn Gardner

Episode 44: Interview with Glenn Gardner

Brian’s trip through the Big Easy continues as he catches up with Glenn Gardner, President of Operations at Prudential Gardner Realty. At the top of the podcast, Brian gets Glenn to spill his “secret ingredient” for cultivating and retaining client relationships. Glenn also discusses the success of The Prudential Gardner Real Estate Digest, his television show that has been on air for more than 20 years.
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Marian Arnouldt-Jackson

Episode 43: Interview with Marian Arnouldt-Jackson

On the road again this week in New Orleans, Brian sits down with Marion Arnouldt-Jackson of Prudential Gardner. A 26-year veteran of the Real Estate business, Marion discusses her strategy for real estate success in NOLA's post-Katrina, post-oil spill environment. Marion also explains how combining community outreach, marketing technology, and a good old fashioned handshake can yield strong repeat and referral business.
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Mike Green

Episode 42: Interview with Mike Green

On location at the National Association of Realtors Conference Brian gets to sit down and talk to a Kiwi! Listen to his discussion with Mike Green, a Managing Director with Harcourts Realty. Now currently operating in New Zealand and Australia, Harcourts is set to expand its operation into the United States.
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Stanley Bishop

Episode 41: Interview with Stanley Bishop

In Dallas Brian sits down with Stanley Bishop of EXIT Realty International to discuss Stanley’s integrated marketing campaign. With a background in advertising, Stanley jumped into real estate with a simple approach – keep the consumer first in your marketing. It’s a simple approach that brought him great success.
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Jim Mazziotti

Episode 40: Interview with Jim Mazziotti

Have you ever invited a jazz pianist to an open house? When Jim Mazziotti hosted his 56-hour open house event he did just that. He also brought in mortgage brokers, a home inspector and 12 agents to help him pull it all off. Listen as he and Brian discuss his innovative marketing event and the value it had for his business.
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David Diecco

Episode 39: Interview with David Dicecco

On the road in North Carolina, Brian sits down to talk with David Dicecco of Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS® to discuss internet marketing, social media marketing and blogging. Before becoming a REALTOR® last year, David worked in automotive sales and brings a unique marketing style to his new industry.
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Jeff Lobb

Episode 38: Interview with Jeff Lobb

Jeff explains to Brian how agents can often get “stuck on the escalator” and overwhelmed by the options available to them. He also talks about one big truth about new technology – if you don’t have the confidence to use it to help you in your business, that technology is no good.
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Ken Baris

Episode 37: Interview with Ken Baris

Ken Baris of Jordan Baris REALTORS is back to talk to BigMouth Marketing about his company’s new approach to their website. Using a number of different technologies, they’ve changed their site to fit the demands of today’s mobile, multi-media world.
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Michael Pierson

Episode 36: Interview with Michael Pierson

Michael discusses a real time weekly market report called Premier Market Watch.
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Peggy Mountain

Episode 35: Interview with Peggy Mountain

Peggy Mountain discusses a new waterfront condominium community called Seaview Place at Gulf Landings.
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Jon Cook

Episode 34: Interview with Jon Cook

Jon Cook discusses his company's recent success and the real estate market in 2010.
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Tom Dunlap

Episode 33: Interview with Tom Dunlap and Cory Weiss

Tom Dunlap and Cory Weiss of Prudential California Realty discuss what kind of marketing tactics work in selling luxury properties.
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